Xtreme Spring Charity Auction and Gala


Manheim Pennsylvania Auto Auction


March 2018



  • Showcase and auction off high-end cars
  • Attract wholesale car dealers to participate either in person or online to purchase Ultra-highline, Classic, Muscle and Specialty Vehicles.
  • Create a buzz to kick off the spring wholesale auto market
  • Create additional enthusiasm for the event due to Kyle Petty being in attendance
  • To sell a record number of high-end cars and to raise funds for The Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America. 
  • Transform auto auction warehouse into high-end event space with online simulcast.
  • Generate excitement through audio, video and decor.
  • Reinforce the Manheim Pa brand.

Entrance Wall Video and Elements

Shumaker created and installed a dramatic entrance to the event using LED video wall components.  A custom-designed neon motorcycle was created for the entrance.  Our video team coordinated four camera shots to show a car from multiple angles. A mobile camera located on the event floor showed the car’s dashboard and interior from a driver’s perspective. This live multi-shot video was simulcast onsite and online to increase sales.

Lighting, Audio and Decor

For this event, Shumaker transformed auto auction lanes into an energetic high-end show using lights, drapery, and music. Lighting patterns moved across the floor disguising the cement and creating visual interest. Lighted drapes softened the space and provided a sound baffle. Participants enjoyed food stations that were decorated in a biker bar theme with custom neon accents throughout the space. A custom created Manheim Auto Action neon sign rotated above the auction space creating a central focal point.  Audio allowed people to clearly hear the auctioneers over the party sounds. Following the auction, the audio was used to fill the space with party music. Large video screens provided by Shumaker showed the cars and bid offers both on-site and online.  A stage wash highlighted the auctioneers while moving lights tracked the cars showing them to their best advantage.

What Our Clients Say

Our Xtreme Spring Specialty Sale and Charity Gala continue to grow into a premier event in our industry with record attendance year after year. Our clients get excited when this event rolls around because it helps kick off the Spring wholesale market. When we are looking to put on our best events, we can’t help but keep turning to Rod Shumaker and his team year after year and event after event. When your event partner is this top notch, it allows you to focus on your business while they transform your event space into something amazing.

John Crispeno

Marketing Manager at Manheim Pennsylvania Auto Auction

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