Every event we touch helps elevate brands, builds connections, and facilitates memorable experiences. We do it all in the spirit of excellence, integrity, and collaboration. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Your event is our highest priority. We partner with you to understand what matters to you and your organization.  Let us help you make sure your event is a catalyst for success, wows your guests and meets your fundraising goals.

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We can transform any space into an event that will dazzle you and your guests. We’ll make sure your event is special – one that creates memories that your guests will talk about for years.

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We are there for you when you want to create an event that marks an important stage in your institution’s history or celebrates an achievement in your students’ lives. When you are ready to celebrate, we bring fresh concepts, innovation, and dynamic ideas.

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Business Events

We help create a powerful impression of your company by bringing your brand vision to life. Your event goals and a strong return on your investment are our priorities.  

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Public Events

Street fairs, outdoor festivals, rallies and concerts are all great ways to bring people together. Through the use of lighting, staging, audio, and more we design and produce events for hundreds or even thousands of people, bringing our community together.

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Experience The Shumaker Difference Firsthand

When you are ready to transform your vision into a reality, Shumaker will create a world class event for you. Our attention to detail and our professional team members make sure that your event is in good hands all the way until the Shumaker truck drives away at the end of the event.  Ready to begin creating a terrific event together?