Lancaster Chamber Annual Dinner


Lancaster Chamber of Commerce


May 30, 2019



  • Hold an annual dinner that is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
  • Ensure the event is designed so participants can network, connect and celebrate 
  • Highlight local businesses and the broader community that are creating the future of Lancaster
  • Provide a high-profile, top-level inspirational speaker
  • Deliver insights into relevant, timely issues impacting today’s businesses and organizations
  • Raise funds for the Chamber
  • Feature award recipients who have been named inspirational business and community leaders
  • Design a spectacular, memorable gala dinner that allows business leaders to network with other business leaders and their clients 
  • Create enthusiasm about the gala that generates strong attendance and ample funds for the Chamber 
  • Showcase Lancaster County’s business community and the progress it has made
  • Inspire attendees through a stimulating, illustrious speaker
  • Honor award winners
  • Celebrate this year’s theme Lean Into the Bold, a take on how Lancaster County has been cultivating collective business and community growth through new ideas while honoring the core of what makes us special.

Stage installation and set-up with video projection and IMAG

Shumaker coordinated staging and video projection needs for this event.  The stage was installed with a dynamic backdrop featuring The Lancaster Chamber’s logo and three-dimensional scenic elements. Flanking the stage were two front projection video screens reinforced with two 60-inch flatscreen TVs. This provided an intimate and engaging audience experience, ensuring all attendees could experience details of the presenters’ body language and facial expressions. Confidence monitors were provided for speaker support and comfort. Platforms for cameras and operators provided an optimal vantage point for the video feed.  Lecterns, furniture and decor were added to the stage to complete the eye-catching design.

Lighting Design

With nearly 2500 people in attendance, Shumaker designed and coordinated all lighting needs for this event. Our goals were to create a welcoming, yet intimate environment for guests while bringing a sense of anticipation and excitement to the venue.  Ambient room lighting provided a soft glow on guest seating areas while moving texture and color brought a sense of energy. The stage lighting was balanced so the audience could see each other along with the speakers and award winners. Balanced lighting also ensured the projected video was crystal clear.  

A multifaceted, three-dimensional backdrop created a dynamic landscape for color and light. Client logos projected on multiple walls of the event space highlighted the many vendors that foster Lancaster’s Business community and support the Chamber.  To ensure the evening was a true success, Shumaker’s expert lighting technicians installed, focused, programmed, problem solved and were on hand to run the live event.

Full-scale event production

Shumaker coordinated all production needs for the gala. Starting nearly a year in advance, our team attended planning meetings to help choose the theme and speaker and bring new and innovative production elements to the event. Working with the venue, the Lancaster Chamber staff, security and other vendors, Shumaker coordinated a myriad of details including all necessary equipment and labor.

Full-service event production meant Shumaker provided stage management, developed the script for the run of show and coordinated the timeline for installation and equipment removal. The lighting design, audio/visual production, as well as staging and decor were key elements that brought the gala to life. Approximately six months prior, planning stepped up as Shumaker began collaborating with the video production vendor and filming commenced. Audio support included a flown PA system in both Freedom Halls including microphones for the keynote speaker and the Q and A session. 

Audio and lighting engineers were on hand during the live event providing all necessary support to bring the gala to life.

Event Management for Live Events

This year’s dinner created an additional challenge when the keynote speaker’s flight was grounded due to weather. Shumaker team members worked with the client, exploring options to get the speaker on-site via other modes of transport.  When these options were exhausted, Shumaker coordinated with the keynote speaker to use an ESPN studio in New York and set up a live broadcast from the remote location. Shumaker was able to secure a satellite truck, and coordinated with WGAL-TV to ensure quality sound and video, all while the gala was in progress. 

The stage manager ensured that the event proceeded seamlessly while other team members worked diligently in the background. Lighting was adjusted while the event was in progress to accommodate the absence of an on-site speaker and to incorporate video-relayed content. Technicians worked quickly to resolve an audio glitch allowing the keynote speaker to be heard clearly in the room. 

While there was a slight delay in the program, Shumaker’s on-site coordination and problem-solving allowed the nearly 2500 guests to experience an inspirational speaker and participate in a dynamic, “real-time”  Q & A that otherwise would not have been possible. In the end, what could have been a disaster turned into a unique challenge with inspirational collaboration to ensure that “the show must go on.”

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