Celebrate Lancaster


Lancaster City



June 2018



Public event/City of Lancaster


  • Hold an annual festival, Celebrate Lancaster – the City’s official Fourth of July celebration
  • Highlight Lancaster City’s culture and diversity with two stages of music, over 20 food vendors, two pub areas, and fireworks!
  • Create a memorable family experience that will bring people back year after year




  • Create a festival bringing together families from across Lancaster city and county commemorating our country’s independence day
  • Coordinate the festival’s production needs

Music on Two Stages at Penn Square and Binns Park

Shumaker coordinates all production needs for this event.  One stage is placed at Penn Square and the other two blocks away in the midst of Binns Park. With a rotating schedule of bands throughout the evening, there is music for everyone and for all ages to enjoy. Shumaker provides lighting, audio and technical support for all of the bands. This crowd-pleasing 4th of July celebration is attended by families and friends from across Lancaster County. With food trucks stretching for blocks and music echoing across the city, this night is a highlight for anyone.

Fireworks Display

With thousands of people in attendance, Shumaker coordinates the logistics for a fabulous fireworks display. Working with the city, fireworks company, police and city fire department, Shumaker handles all the details! Fireworks dance and sparkle over the tallest buildings, coordinated and set to music by our technical team. This night is an exhilarating recognition of our nation’s independence and a celebration of our city’s culture and diversity.

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